Year 2 Good Deeds Week 3

Year 2 Good Deeds Week 3.

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Pretty Words – A Practical Guide to Formatting for Online Publishing

Julia Hughes:

Monica La Porta’s stories enchant, and of course, the formatting’s faultless – here’s why! Practical Formatting, by Roberto.

Originally posted on Monica La Porta's Blog:

Starting today, and without a proper introduction—and that’s entirely my fault—my formatter, aka dear hubby Roberto, will explain, once a week, the art of good formatting. Since he is very knowledgeable and has lots to say on the topic, I’ll leave the floor to him right away:

When Monica started her book business we looked at all the different components of the workflow, from inception to publishing and marketing, and decided how to tackle each phase. We wanted to have a professional approach and put out on the market a polished product.

Some parts were clear: she does the writing, you need a professional for the editing and you definitely want an extra pair of eyes for the final proofreading.

For the covers, we started working with our good friend Alessandro, even though lately we started doing our own covers with some encouraging results. Yes, Alessandro, it takes two of…

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Writing Process Blog Hop Tour

Julia Hughes:

The very talented Monica La Porta, author of “The Priest” and many others, reveals her writing process and mentions a few friends too!

Originally posted on Monica La Porta's Blog:

The Writing Process Blog Tour:

Last week, Angela Roquet invited me to participate in the Writing Process Blog Hop. She asked me to answer a few questions and to introduce a few other authors. I immediately accepted, because if there is anything I like more than writing and reading, is talking about the great authors I’ve been fortunate enough to meet through Twitter and Facebook. The camaraderie and support of the indie community is something rarely seen in other fields of life. People who were strangers to me helped me in a way I never thought possible. I am honored to count them as my friends now.

clip_image002I met Angela last year, when a common author friend, Clare Davidson, invited both of us to participate in yet another blog tour. Angela is one of those individuals with sunny and supportive personalities who are a pleasure to have around…

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Guest Author Julia Hughes

Julia Hughes:

Learn more about the Griffin’s Boy giveaway via the lovely Rosie Amber whose by-words are ‘Good Deeds’

Originally posted on Rosie Amber:

Today our guest is author Julia Hughes who wrote yesterday’s book “The Griffin’s Boy” here is a link to it if you missed it.

Julia Hughes

1) Where is your home town?

London, the most beautiful city in the world.

2) How long have you been writing?

Always, and I’ve always enjoyed writing, but … around six years or so, something clicked. I realised that the books I most enjoy reading are those that allow me as a reader to fill in the gaps. As a fledgling author, I tended to paint the entire picture, but now, I have enough confidence in my stories to allow my readers’ imagination to take flight.

3) Why did you decide to write The Griffin’s Boy?

In “The Griffin Cryer”, my main character, Frankie, is in a hopeless place. Her brother, Michael, is in a coma. He shows no signs of recovery, and has had…

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100 Little Words on Parenthood

100 Little Words on Parenthood

100 Little Words on Parenthood edited by Charlie Plunkett

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The Griffin’s Boy – Giveaway!


 ….He’ll risk his life, then his soul & finally his heart in his quest to be …


Julia Hughes, author “The Griffin Cryer” has written another thrilling adventure, this time set on Ella-Earth, which is our world’s twin in most respects. Except –both evolution and science have taken a different path, and an elite troop known as “The Griffin Riders” patrol the spiritual conduits known as ley-lines.



About the book: 

Neb, whose name translates as ‘Nobody’, has ambitions to become the equivalent of our world’s stable-lad – a griffin-boy. However, on recruitment day, his favourite griffin, Balkind, disgraces them both.  But Neb won’t take no for an answer. He steals Balkind, and flies off in pursuit of The Griffin Master, determined to change the cantankerous old warrior’s mind. What follows is a breath taking flight of imagination, as Neb risks first his life, then his soul and finally his heart in his quest to become a griffin boy.

About the author: 

As a Londoner, I’m enchanted by the legend that griffins are the guardians of this ancient city. In my mind, they combine the characteristics of two of our most beloved animal companions: Horses and dogs – with of course the added bonus that they have wings! As anyone who’s read “The Griffin Cryer” knows, I believe that if you only believe in yourself, against all odds, help arrives from (very!) unexpected sources.  If you have self belief, then you have the will to succeed – and you will succeed! So dream big and fly high – the only limits are the ones we place on our imaginations.

Join “THE GRIFFIN’S BOY” in the adventure of a lifetime – FREE!

Download from Amazon using this universal link:
but wait … there’s more!
SPECIAL BONUS OFFER: “THE GRIFFIN CRYER” – highly rated, award winning urban fantasy will be on offer for only 77p, or 99c through out this giveaway. Universal link: offers end on the 6th March, around GMT London. Until then, celebrate the season of Spring and new hope!


The Griffin’s Boy – free from lst March. Offer ends midnight EST time 5th March. (around GMT London).
On special @only 99c/77p March l – 5.
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A story set on Ella-Earth; our world’s twin in an alternative universe. Evolution has taken a different path and mythical beasts exist. Britain remains an island of mists, populated by Celtic tribes and governed by a strict feudal hierarchy. Only noblemen’s sons are recruited into an elite troop known as the Griffin Riders. The best a nameless nobody like Neb can hope for is to become a griffin’s lad. 

But then his fate becomes entwined with the mischievous grey griffin Balkind, who everyone knows is trouble…and sure enough, Balkind disgraces himself on recruitment day and is rejected by Griffin Master Romulus. But Neb is determined to change Romulus’ mind. Telling himself and anyone who will listen that Balkind deserves a second chance, Neb steals the beast and flies off on the adventure of a lifetime. He quickly realises: 

  • Riding griffins isn’t for the faint hearted.
  • Girls are complicated beings, and best treated with respect.

One single courageous act earns Neb his heart’s desire – but then he ruins everything: When Samara, his new friend, is abducted, Neb rushes to her rescue – with disastrous results. The young couple learn they are to be sacrificed in a macabre ceremony. Their only hope is Balkind. Although clever, Balkind has always been difficult to control. Will the griffin answer his boy’s summons?

The Griffin’s Boy will be available to download on kindle from 15th December:

The Griffin Cryer will be FREE:
8th – 15th December











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