A story set on Ella-Earth; our world’s twin in an alternative universe. Evolution has taken a different path and mythical beasts exist. Britain remains an island of mists, populated by Celtic tribes and governed by a strict feudal hierarchy. Only noblemen’s sons are recruited into an elite troop known as the Griffin Riders. The best a nameless nobody like Neb can hope for is to become a griffin’s lad. 

But then his fate becomes entwined with the mischievous grey griffin Balkind, who everyone knows is trouble…and sure enough, Balkind disgraces himself on recruitment day and is rejected by Griffin Master Romulus. But Neb is determined to change Romulus’ mind. Telling himself and anyone who will listen that Balkind deserves a second chance, Neb steals the beast and flies off on the adventure of a lifetime. He quickly realises: 

  • Riding griffins isn’t for the faint hearted.
  • Girls are complicated beings, and best treated with respect.

One single courageous act earns Neb his heart’s desire – but then he ruins everything: When Samara, his new friend, is abducted, Neb rushes to her rescue – with disastrous results. The young couple learn they are to be sacrificed in a macabre ceremony. Their only hope is Balkind. Although clever, Balkind has always been difficult to control. Will the griffin answer his boy’s summons?

The Griffin’s Boy will be available to download on kindle from 15th December:

The Griffin Cryer will be FREE:
8th – 15th December












About Julia Hughes

Author, creator of the Celtic Cousins Adventures. Discover more at my website
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